GEOCAP has several component to achieve its objective:

  • Education and training program
  • Research based problem solving program
  • Inventory of low and medium enthalpy resources in Indonesia
  • Design of geothermal database for Indonesia
  • Management and coordination program
Workpackages 1 - Training

Geothermal human resources development may be conducted through various ways, among others through academic program at local universities or overseas or through trainings or short courses. The education and training program should built on the existing university and short course programs of national universities and develop a university network to develop curricula regional universities whereby the national universities adopt one or two regional universities and develop their capacity through train-the-trainer programs. Discussions with the various stakeholders has led to a prioritisation of the various topics and a focus on 10 integrated work packages that form the backbone to the development of case materials. The general overview of the scope, results and means to verify the results can be found in each work package below.

Workpackages 2 - Research

In support of geothermal development in Indonesia it is envisaged to develop a research road map until 2025. A number of research spearheads have been identified: Techno-Economic risk assessment, Geomechanics and Reservoir Modelling Studies, Detailed Drilling Data Logging and Analysis, Improvement of exploration concepts, Hydraulic fracturing and acidizing, and Geothermal Power Plant Efficiency Systems.

Workpackage 3 - Low-medium enthalpy

In Indonesia, low & medium enthalpy (temperatures < 200ÂșC) systems are abundant from which direct heat, among others for drying of vegetables and fruits, distillation, food processing (canning), greenhouses, fish farming, pasteurisation and making high quality (drinking) water through distillation of other water sources (sea water) can be derived. Electricity can also be produced using binary cycles. To date, the potential of low & medium enthalpy geothermal resources in Indonesia is underutilized. Hence it is necessary to assess the approximate underground potential for low & medium enthalpy geothermal resources in Indonesia and the approximate potential market for these resources.

Workpackage 4 - Geothermal database

Indonesia lacks a systemic data system or geoportal for data hosting and sharing. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, as the key keeper of geodata, requires a data base to manage the geothermal data (sub)surface data. In addition a data base supporting new geothermal companies in managing their data to enable earth-scientists and engineers to share the same information about geothermal systems through integrated reservoir analysis system is required. The Government of Indonesia is now looking to develop a publicly accessible web-based system to support of geothermal education.

Workpackage 5 - Management and coordination

This work package includes management and coordination activities around the GEOCAP program.