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Workpackage 3: Use of low-medium enthalpy resources

The main objective of WP 3 is:

  • to assess the approximate underground potential for low/medium enthalpy geothermal resources in Indonesia and the approximate potential market for these resources.

Indonesia has a very high potential of geothermal energy of lower to medium temperatures (< 200 ºC), that can be applied as direct heat or for electricity production through binary cycles.

Examples of direct use are:

  • drying of vegetables and fruits
  • distillation
  • food processing (canning)
  • greenhouses
  • fish farming
  • pasteurization
  • making high quality (drinking) water through distillation of other water sources(sea water)
  • cooling of buildings and processes using absorption chillers

The geothermal sources can consist of sedimentary basins (data from oli&gas industry often available), medium enthalpy geothermal fields (old or small geothermal systems) and waste heat from electricity production at high enthalpy steam fields. The underground resource potential of low/medium enthalpy geothermal resources in Indonesia is however not well utilized.

The hot water case and 110°C steam case have a payback period less than the technical life span of the main components (the heat pump has a life time of 15 years while the geothermal wells have a life time of 30 years or more). However, for industry, the calculated payback periods are not interesting. In many cases, this has to be below 3 years. In case of renewable energy, 7 years might be negotiable, but 13 and 17 years are too long for industry. It is recommended to focus on a hot water case for industry on one hand, and on the other hand look for options on how to decrease the payback period for the 110°C steam case. For now, it Is not recommended to pursue the 160°C steam case.

More information on this work package can be found in the GEOCAP Handbook.