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WP 1.07: Project decision and risk management and financing

One of the deliverables in this work package is the training on Company Investment Decision Analysis for Geothermal Project 


The objectives of this course is to provide participants with insight in decision-making process, and able to practice the basics of the following business analytical concept: Decision Gate process, Decision Analysis process, Framing the Problem, Decision Tree Analysis, Technical to Business modelling, Basic Statistics, Discounted Cash Flow analysis, Host Government Take (current tax regime in Indonesia), Monte Carlo processing of forecasting models, Sensitivity Analysis, Multi-level optimization, Multi-Criteria Analysis, Value of Information, Value of Flexibility, Modern Portfolio Theory, Decision Quality.

This workshop also provide an XL model as prototype technical to business modelling of geothermal development with Crystal Ball to improve the decision analysis technique. The objective is that the participants are able to use the model to understand the decision process and have insight in the applicability of the model in geothermal development process in Indonesia.


  • Ali Ashat (ITB)
  • Christian Bos (TNO)

Target group

Participants invited to this training were: 

  • Ministry of Energy
  • Geothermal Agency (Badan Geology)
  • Geothermal developers
  • Policy-makers / Institutional Framework
  • Academia

This work package is highly related with work package 2.01. 

More information on this training can be found in the GEOCAP Handbook.