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WP 2.07: Geothermal geodynamics

The main objective of WP 2.07 iwas to develop novel exploration and exploitation concepts for the 2050 timeline for the following geothermal resources:

  • conventional high enthalpy,
  • Supercritical,
  • engineered geothermal systems (EGS)

This was achieved through:

  • Increasing the qualitative and quantitative understanding of the large scaletectonic to local scale geological/magmatic processes which are responsible forIndonesia’s geothermal resources
  • Development and application of integrative process-based explorativeapproaches. These approaches will be tested and validated in case studies on geothermal fields, including detailed 3D characterization and numerical modelling(stress, temperature, rheological fabric, fluid path ways, chemistry, volcanics) and constrained by field, remote sensing, tomographic and seismicity data
  • A classification of the Indonesian geothermal play systems in Indonesia underpinned by the integrative process based understanding
  • Development of novel perspectives for exploration and production, targeted towards a) exploration of conventional systems and b) resource potential estimates for supercritical systems and EGS c) production strategies and scope for future development

To teach and coach trainers on state of the art European and Australian experiences with EGS. Prime research components include:

  • a conceptual classification of geothermal plays in the Indonesian setting
  • regional process-based understanding of forming processes
    • Thermal aspects of the Indonesian volcanic arc system
    • Rheology, stress, strain (thermo-geomechanics)
    • Crust, basin and aquifer/reservoir (de)formation
    • Magmatism and Fluid flow systems
  • Case studies to validate process based modeling concepts (deep structure,composition, faults & fractures, temperature & heatflow, fluid-flow, magmatism)
  • Development of a best practice and concepts for the exploration and development of geothermal resources, underpinned by process-based understanding.

The research oriented WP is centred around two PhD research projects that focus on the development of novel exploration and exploitation concepts for the longer term. Each project will focus on a different case study area in Indonesia, but they will all be set up to include three main components; (1) geodynamic based approaches for regional exploration; (2) tectonic modelling studies for selected cases; (3) assessment of resource potential.

Both projects involved a first phase of literature study and inventory of available data, with a particular focus on the larger geodynamic setting of Sumatra (Lukman Sutrisno) and Flores (Fauzi Purwandono)

Conference papers:

Purwandono et al. (2019) Evolution of the volcanic arc on Flores Island, Indonesia, and its implication to geothermal resourcesEGU General Assembly Vienna

 Sutrisno et al. (2018) A comparative study of the volcanic-related geothermal potential of Sumatra and Java: first result from a regional tectonic analysisand 3D temperature modellingEGU General Assembly Vienna.