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WP 1.06: Master class course/training for high level decision makers for Geothermal projects

The main objective of WP 1.06 was to improve the knowledge of management and executive level government officials and IPP’s on the development, exploitation and management of geothermal energy.

The main deliverable is the training on

"Geothermal Policy Making and Decision Making for Geothermal Projects" 

"Company and Decision-Making for Geothermal Energy Plants"

Training goal 

The goal of this training is to provide the participants a broader perspective of the renewable energy market and understanding the policy framework, by giving insight in tools and methodologies to reach geothermal targets. The workshop also includes several presentations from geothermal stakeholders in Indonesia regarding regulations, knowledge sharing and problem solving ideas. There are still many obstacles of geothermal development in Indonesia, and part of the problems found related with decision making in regulations, tariff and collaboration between stakeholders. Therefore, the communication and deeper understanding between geothermal stakeholders is very important.


  • Ali Ashat (ITB)
  • Rianne 't Hoen (DNVGL)
  • Koen Broess (DNVGL)
  • Christian Bos (TNO)
  • Triarko Nurlambang (Universitas Indonesia)

More information on the this activity can be found in the GEOCAP Handbook.