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WP 2.01: Techno-economic risk assessment

In this work package TNO has specified and developped a software tool to be used for investment decision support at the early field development stage of a geothermal asset in Indonesia, i.e. when insufficient information is available to construct detailed reservoir simulation models.

The tool focuses on uncertainty quantification of an asset’s future technical and economic performance, and uses simplified physics for the reservoir, well inflow, vertical flow performance, surface facilities (thermodynamic computations for converting heat into electricity), and re-injection into the reservoir. Certain reservoir and well behaviours, e.g. temperature decline in the production wells, can be imported from more comprehensive 3D finite difference / finite element modelling, if available. Operational issues such as well drilling success rate, skin build-up during production and injection, well stimulations and workover planning are also included.

The tool can be found in the GEOCAP Handbook.