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Training: Geochemistry for Geothermal Development

Next week, our next Geothermal workshop will take place. From 21-25 August, BPSDM will organize the Geochemistry for Geothermal Development training. 

The training will take place in Yogyakarta at the Hotel Dafam Fortuna.
Next to several workshops on different topics, such as the application of geochemistry/geochemical techniques and health and safety procedures in the field work, there will also be a field trip. 

Trainers of this workshop are:

  • Pri Utami (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  • Agung Harijoko (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  • Manfred van Bergen (Universiteit Utrecht)

For more information, you can download the flyer here.

Geochemistry for Geothermal Development Leaflet Page 1